How to Make Money Without Money

how to make money without money

How to Make Money Without Money

To make money without money or to be financially rich without money is not a metaphorical statement, it is not an adage, in fact it is not a wishful thinking or philosophical but a real truth of practical reality that have been experimented and found to be real.

Are you financially challenge?, We all have in one way being stuck of reaching our life goal or achieving any of our dreams. We often label lack of money to be the cause of our woos and which we had enough money but the truth is that money is never enough and will never be so don’t even think of having enough money before you set your foot to that project of your dream.

As you contemplate on not having enough, then this biggest challenge of not even having money is made manifest. We all know the value and uses of money in day to day activities but the big question which is how to be financially rich without money must be answered and thanks to our friend who emailed us this question.

In a bid to answer the question, we at decided to take a blog approach to it, that is by dedicating a full blog post to discuss the matter to its fullest while attempting to offer practical base solutions that will be beneficial to every one as well as our friend who asked this vital question.

So how can we then make money without money ?To start with, the real value of money was in the gold standard era and ever since dollar which was the accepted universal money of exchange lost its scale value to gold, literally, money lost it value – this was literally interpreted as money not being valued as a gold standard as it was or used to be and this devalued state have crept even till this day signaling that for you to have money as it was, first you have to restore its value to worth it worth which is gold and then came different era ….agrarian era to the industrial area and to the  present information era the fit for restoration is still underway if at all .

The truth is that in this information area, if you really want to make money without money, you do not need to work for money since this mentality does not fit in to the current system as it is only those who still work for money still complain of not having enough or that it takes money to make money or that no one can truly be rich without having money and the list goes on.

So what then is the big deal? Simple, this era is based on what personal value that you worth is directly proportional to what you have money inclusive. Let’s go further, what personal value, trait, skills, power among others can you comfortably command that can add worth to your life and those around you? So start the self-discovery process of your inner self and look really inward to discover your hidden potentials which could be in sports, music, arts and crafts, comedy and the list goes on. The quickest way to discover your self is to look back on what you were good at that did not necessarily rely on educational qualification or training but was driven by passion and self-fulfillment of just doing it just to make yourself and those around you happy, perhaps it was sometimes time consuming or so demanding yet, you still did it- figure out your childhood activity as well and that is all that it takes to be successful.

Next is to refined the discovered you to blend with the society trend of demand and supply which is the  ready market that can welcome your products to the awaiting consumers in need of it through an effective packaging and proper channel of distribution which will in turn fetch you the money. It is what you have and can offer that will drive the money to you but if you do not have anything to offer that will positively change the life of people then, you are still in the old world where you have to still work for money.

Dear friend, money should never be a barrier to your personal growth and  progress, when there is a will, there is a way, you have the money already in you, bring it out through your creative power and solve people’s problem and that will translate to the physical cash and with technology and Internet, it takes just your imagination and by that you have make money without money.

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