New Internet Business Academy Website

new internet business academy website

New Internet Business Academy Website

New Internet Business Academy Website courtesy is Nigeria’s first entrepreneurial synergy website on the truest internet businesses online for Nigerians in a simplify step training approach through provision of free e-books to enforce the course training mode for effective actualization of a two week money back guarantee 100% return on investment.

As a new internet business academy website, we are not new in the internet business world as our team comprises of seasoned and currently practicing internet businesses as advertise on the website and offer first hand information on the subject of interest with a one on one mentoring approach.

The site plan initially started with the acquisition of the domain name on the 16th of May 2016. The new internet Academy Website had to undergo design work but was unsatisfied with the initial proposed designed work with several modification stage and eventually had to cede the web development process to a new web designing firm and finally went into partnership agreement with Spiracle Technology. Com® for the new internet academy website design which equally have undergone several revisions until the current released of these flagship site while the master design is still on-going in other to start serving the list of individuals who had earlier on indicated interest to be notify when the site starts operation.

It is so common that in the West, Internet business has its approach but coming to West Africa, precisely Nigeria, the reverse is the case with so many barriers which made us set up this platform to address such and experts from the field of Internet business were sort after and their contributions were of huge benefit in documenting a standardized approach to teaching Nigerians how to be financially free using the internet. Over 50 of internet businesses turned in and just about half made it through the merit list based on stringent conditions including success replicate proof.

The new internet business website uses two known social media, Facebook and Twitter and can be reached on  Twitter handler @internetBACA or directly accessed from which was the platform for keeping subscribed members updated with the state of work in progress and equally on Facebook @internetBACA or directly accessed from and we are glad that site users did respond to beta site testing and their recommendation was useful in finalizing the soon to propagate master plan website of the new internet business academy. We thanked all for their patience, trust and persistent site checking.

Although meant to practically show NIGERIANS that there are genuine internet businesses and that they too can make a legitimate living from such business, Its international presence through the world wide web and the concepts propagated through the eBook and corresponding courses can be apply with little or no modification for use by others who are equally keen on how to make money online.

We will love to hear from you and where you are accessing our site from, for comments and inquiries please do contact us and do react to this post with your comments below thanks.