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Privacy Policy - Internet Business Academy Nigeria
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Privacy Policy

internetbusinessacademy.com.ng respect your privacy in entirety and is poised to respect, value and preserve the Privacy of such data by all means at all time. The information provided will be of importance in informing all site visitors and user’s on the type of information that we collect, how we collect, for what purpose we do collect, how it is safeguard and how it is discarded. We attest to keeping our privacy on customer’s data with assurance that we will never at any time disclose, trade or share their identity or any information regarding them to any third parties.

We collect information generally referred to as log file which consist of IP (internet protocol) address, your ISP (internet service provider, such as AOL or Shaw Cable), the browser used by you to visit our site (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), your site visit time and the pages browsed by you throughout our site. By default, when you visit our site this information is transmitted and cannot be over waved.We collect this information to keep accurate statistics of our site visitor and compatibility of our site on browsers based on visitors browser’s preference and to enable us make adaptive changes to browser specific problems that our site users may encounter either presently or in the nearest future.There are no intrusion or abuse to information generated from the log files and you are assured of safety.

We make use of web cookies that store cache to most of your activities when you visit our website. When you visit us, information regarding cookies will be displayed once depending if you have set your browser to accept cookies and why we make use of cookies is to enable you have the ease of login preference reminder or keep log in feature to frequently log in accessed features of our website notably forums and trainings. There are no associated disadvantage of us using cookies other than to help us fast track your ease of use with our web site services.

We equally collect your registration information which is limited to your username, email address, name, location and bio data which is usually entered at the point of registration while requesting to use our services and we collect this feature as a means of identifying who is using our terminal and you agree to willingly registered and give such information with trust and sincerity that they are correct to the very best of your ability. We have to point here that we do not collect information to your password during the registration process as it is highly encrypted and it is not accessible by us. However, it is your responsibility not to disclose your login credentials to anyone and it is advisable to always sign out securely before leaving the site. we also point here that your profile name and location will be visible to other members who make use of the site as well as being displayed on statistics of members who are online on the home page of the site.There  may be associated risk of publishing sensitive information on your bio page and posting of full address at your location so be warn. To prevent associated risk with this, use a generalized location eg Lagos instead of 12 Street Name, Street, City, Lagos and do not display vital and confidential information on your bio data page.

We collect contact information which include Name, Email, Phone number, Location (state) which is collected each time you contact us for additional information regarding our services and we collect them for associating with you as a person that requires attention from us in other to give a corresponding reply as communication is a two way process. There are no associated risk from us in collecting this information.

Lastly, we collect information when you sign up for a free mentoring program which include Name, Email and Phone number and we collect this when you comply in requesting same service and its use is only in rendering same service.

We state Categorically here that we do not have control on information that you disclose to the bank why making bank deposit or transacting with the bank through using the services of the bank in depositing money to our account and this also extend to the online deposit as well, however, we strongly advise users to be updated with the privacy policy of these financial institution as we are not associated or affiliated with them.

If you are in doubt with any of our policy as stated here you can:

You can modify your browser settings by choosing to disable or selectively turning off cookies from our site or associated to our site in addition to preferences that may also interfere with cookies from programs not limited to Norton Internet Security. we hereby warned that doing this may greatly affect your ability to interact with the services of our website especially accessed to login features. You may also delete our cookies but mere in mind that it will only be a temporal process as a new cookie will automatically pop when you visit us again. So if you are so worried by this, never visit us again.

You can choose not to subscribe to the mentoring program, contacting us, or even registering or making payments if you are so in doubt about your confidentiality which in this case we strongly understand with you and wish you advice us on a more advantageous means of protecting you and we will be glad to implement it.

We discard your data:

We do not keep record of your data or activities when you delete your account with us from your dashboard, it varnishes without trace and we do not even have control on this process as it is an automatic irreversible process.


When you post or write a review on our website, your reviews, comments or post will be public, we do not monitor this and have no control on this.

When you use the services of a social platform not limited to Facebook.com in propagating information regarding us, it will display publicly depending on how you choose to share information and we do not monitor this and have no control on this.

When you call us or text us, we do not control the telecom operator and we do not know if they can interfere or monitor calls and text messages sent through their network and we do not monitor this and we have no control on this

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