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Terms of Service

Terms of service to site users of  www.internetbusinessacademy.com.ng having free access to the website, however, before using any of our service or acting on any of our request not limited to registering for a training, the visitor willingly read, comprehend, complies and bound by the stipulated terms of service and after reviewing it and it does not sound good to you, you are please kindly advise not to use the services of the site or visit the site and in addition, we request that you delete it from your browser history and never visit the site again. Before you take this serious action, do kindly advise us on the best way and approach you would have prefer as a more better way in serving you best by clicking here

Acceptance of Agreement: The Terms of Service of this site is what is referred in standard terms as what forms our Terms and conditions of use, an agreement that bound us (www.internetbusinessacademy.com.ng) here after referred to as “The site” and you (Visitor, students) hereafter refer collectively to as “user” in relation to the site www.internetbusinessacademy.com.ng are agreed by you. This Agreement represents the complete and only agreement between you and us, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations, warranties, guarantees, assurances, claims et al and understandings related to the Site, its services, promos and offers et al listed on the site whether currently, previously or in the nearest future and the subject matter of this agreement which can be amended any time and at any frequency with or without out informing or specific notice to you.

The site will ensure to strive and offer the user with only research and practical tested and proven internet business that will be beneficial to the Nigerian community at all time that can withstand the test of time.

The site will ensure a platform that will enable interested user be trained on any advertise programs listed in the site which include majorly internet businesses and ebooks.

The site will ensure provision of adequately rewarding the user in any ongoing bonanza, promotion, referrals among others as long as the program is adequately and actively in progress and users liable to such benefits are in obedience to the rules and regulation guiding such programs if any associated with such.

The site does not and will not be held responsible for the activities of the user such as public statement, comments, reviews or any other activities directly or indirectly link to the user as a result of using the site. In addition, the user empowers the site to take legal action on the user or any other person in cases not limited to site phishing, impersonating, copying of site contents, posing as agent, misrepresentation of the site to audience, selling of site contents e.g ebook, duping, defrauding of unsuspected members through claims from the site et’al.

The user understand that the site is not 100% proof to technical occurrence such as server connection downtime, temporal offline and general or specific technical problems that characterize a typical web site, web service and programming like that of the site and when such circumstances arise, the user should exercise patience till the technical unit resolve such technical difficulties and in any situation when the site is down, we will  communicate using our official social media handler on facebook at Facebook.com/internetbaca and twitter at Twitter.com/internetbaca in keeping and carrying everyone along.

The user understand that they are solely responsible for their commitment and personal action in becoming financially free as even if all the programs here are deemed fit for success, personal commitment and approach may limit the user success rate and in such a case even if all factors by the user have been taken in the right direction and yet no success is achieved as a result of un-for-seen circumstances, et al, the user exonerates us from all damages, losses and the consequences of such whether directly or indirectly as we will not entertain legal actions as a result from such colossal loss or in its least form.

The user understands and agrees that the site is not a financial institution, degree awarding institution and hence must also conduct personal and independent research in any of our programmes or activities before parting money as we do not and will not refund any amount of money whether in full or part or in any fraction to the user once payment have been made. where in doubt, the services of a license financial experts or consultant should be hired and when it comes to education, a specialist should be consulted.

The user agree that the site can modify its contents at any time without prior notification of the user and this modification of contents is not limited to prices, products and services as advertised by the site.

The site is not responsible for the availability in future or the efficacy of any of the programs advertised being done by reference party ( a platform other than the site, that the user gain access to in order to conduct the internet business e.g web portal for bulk sms, forex trading etc).

Lastly, the site is not accountable to any user or activities of the user or preference in the site use from the users who gain access to this site.

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