True Advice About Making Money without money

True Advice About Making Money without money

True advice about making money without money

This is the continuation of the post How to make money without money

To hit straight on the bull’s eye, the only true advice about making money without money is that it only takes just “one idea” to either discover a better way of doing something by improving on an existing one without necessarily inventing something new or extra-ordinary as nothing is even new again on this very planet earth other than a mere discovery and packaging.

To further stress on this very point of just one idea of life changing turning point on a true advice about money making money, lets consider a scenario of what is popularly known as Pure water. Back then early 1990s, sachet water (pure water) was not in existence. what was common then was water in a white nylon or water proof tie and sold as ice water at the rate of just one Naira only (N1.00)

Someone taught about improving on the existing ice water, look at the health aspect and the common leakage problem and lack of identification or product source came up with an idea, just one idea and the birth of sachet water came into existence which i am certain, you may have taken a sachet water popularly known as pure water ever since you were born. Well, to the person that came up with this lofty idea of “packaging”water in sachet bag, it would have been more profitable to him business wise if the idea was trademark or patented as that would have given him or her additional royalty cash wise by any other person who produces water in similar manner (assuming it qualifies for right protection)

It is common this days also to see water in bottled container and who knows if in future we may be seeing water in canned containers but the breakthrough in sachet water have now open doors for other products to follow suite as we now have sachet garri, sachet oil, sachet crayfish among others and hopefully, one day, we will have sachet soup fully cooked as Nigerians are very good in diversification and hardly takes eye off in any area prone to be of financial interest but instead of waiting for others to break through first, why cant you take the lead?

From experience, it is certain and of opinion that the true advice about making money without money is principally based on “Mental work” and not hard work which brings out the real inner strength and innovative power in you to critically think and create solutions facing mankind which have nothing to do with you having money but has everything for you to do by just thinking it out on Why you need to solve it and the How to solve it will take care of it self.

Quoting from an anonymous, ” thinking is the hardest exercise and only few people engage in it” and this is really true as real life millionaires where once mental millionaires, hence in the world today, only few people who are rich and that few people are those who have engage in the hardest exercise called thinking. Show me a rich person and in him lies a thinking personality.

Money is not everything, it is not even the key to unlock your success, your value cannot be measured with money so why be little yourself that it is only money that can make money or solve your problem when you already have a treasure of un-tap natural resources no wonder of all places, the greatest treasure lies in the grave yard were people die without realizing their full potential and not even the Banks of the world where money and valuables are been kept which should even be an eye opener to you that what rules this world is idea.

As you read and ponder on this writing dedicated to spur you to radical thinking of creating wealth from your hidden potentials, you may consider reading the final lapse that talks on how to position your self timeless principles to personal money worth discovery

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